Fuelware is a platform to digitally connect Fuel Stations (RO) and Fleet Owners (Credit Customers) for their Fuel ticket process from anywhere anytime

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Easy Access from anywhere anytime, connecting PAN India fuel stations (RO), fleet owners (Credit Customers) & their vehicles for management of activities related to operations, resources, finance and Fueling. At Fuelware, we have tried to ease out the complex activities carried out at fuel stations (RO) and Credit Customer/Fleet Owner business. It helps RO to easily manage its resources and carry out it’s operations smoothly alongwith it’s financial activities. At the same time, it helps Credit Customers to directly connect with Retail Outlets and carry out it’s operations of sending fuel request online and managing the transactions with ease. In short, Fuelware connects Retail Outlets & Fleet Owners (Credit Customers) through a platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime; wherein, it helps to manage their operational (fuel indent ticket) as well as financial activities; giving them real-time check of their on-going business.

For Fuel Station (RO)

Credit Customer/Fleet Owner Management is one of the most complicated process for dealers in petroleum industry. With our Credit Customer Management Version, we have addressed this area in a more systematic way; wherein it will be beneficial to both dealers as well as their Credit Customers (Fleet Owners).

As per the requirement of different outlets, following are the versions of Credit Customer Management having different features. Each of them has modules for (RO) Dealer, Manager, Cashier & fleet owners (Credit Customers) with different features.

CCM Version (Credit Customer Management Version) is the basic version which helps outlets to add fuel indent tickets into the system.

Benefits for RO:

  • Dealer can add Fleet Owners (Credit Customers) into the system
  • It allows Manager to enter the Realtime as well as backdated fuel indents ticket into the system at once when they get time after the fueling date
  • Manager can view account statement of all the credit customers as per entered data

Benefits for Fleet Owners (Credit Customers):

  • Credit Customers can view or download their account statement Outlet-wise, Vehicle-wise

E-CCM Version (Electronic Credit Customer Management Version) is the one that helps Credit Customers (Fleet Owners) to raise E-Indent tickets through their mobile or web in real-time to the respective outlet.

Benefits for RO:
  • Dealer can add and remove the employees; can manage the employee as per their roles and responsibilities
  • Dealer can add and manage the credit customers
  • Dealer can blacklist the credit customer in case of any fraud or if he crosses his credit limit
  • Manager can easily generate the receipts of the credit customers in different modes of payments
  • Manager can easily keep track of the credit customer transactions in the outlet
  • Manager has the authorization feature to authorize the manual Fuel indents by accessing Cashier batch to avoid frauds
  • Cashier can enter manual indent tickets as per request from credit customers
  • Cashier can acknowledge E-Indent tickets raised by Credit Customers
Benefits for Fleet owners (Credit Customers):
  • Credit Customers can raise the Fuel Indent Tickets for specific outlet directly to the outlet; electronically or manually
  • Credit customers can assign any driver or vehicle from their database to a certain Indent Tickets and avoid repetitive work of entering the details every time
  • Credit customers can track each Indent Tickets, Indents status and its respective details at any point of time
  • Credit customers can set a one-time alert for refueling of a specific vehicle
  • Credit customers can use the option of OTP to provide authorization to each Indent Tickets to avoid frauds

P-CCM Version (Premium Credit Customer Management Version) has 4 additional features alongwith the features of E-CCM:

  1. Credit Limit Setter: Dealer can set the Credit limit for his Credit Customers; wherein he will be notified if the credit limit of the respective Credit Customer has been reached.
  2. Auto-blacklisting: Credit Customer will be auto-blacklisted once he reaches the credit limit set by Dealer; if Auto-blacklisting is selected
  3. Vehicle Mileage Tracker: Credit Customer will be notified about his vehicle performance in his module if his vehicle is filled Full tank for 2 consecutive times in Premium Outlets (without going to any other outlet). 
  4. Counter Billing: This feature is for regular customers. Our Cashier/Manager module has an inbuilt billing feature. This will send receipts directly to the customer’s mobile number. 
Following is the process for Dealer to get P-CCM:
  • Click on the link for benefits of premium version on dashboard after logging in.
  • Click on Invite. 
  • Select if you want to invite through Whatsapp or normal SMS and click on send.
  • A message with a referral code will be sent to their mobile numbers (as Whatsapp message or as SMS as per your selection). 
  • Invited dealers will have to register in Fuelware using this link or alternatively, they can enter the referral code shared by you during registration (Referral code will be received in message to dealer after their outlet registration)

Note : “CCM Premium Version” will be activated only when atleast One dealer registers to CCM version (including payment) using your referral code.

C-CCM Version (Community Credit Customer Management Version) is an independent version of one of the features of E-CCM & P-CCM i.e. blacklisting feature.

Benefits of RO:
  • Dealers can blacklist the defaulting Fleet owners (Credit Customers)
  • This message will be sent to all the dealers where the blacklisted Credit Customer is added in the list
  • This can alert the dealer community from fraud Credit Customers; thus preventing a huge amount of loss.

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